Snowmobiling Magazines and Media

Looking for the latest in Snowmobiling News? Want the newest reviews on this years snowmobiles? Researching Hot new products. Well the Magazines and blogs below will provide you with PLENTY of material!

On Snow Magazine

The On Snow Magazine (OSM) was launched in 1986. It has grown into the most popular snowmobile magazine across North America. OSM is the primary news media for snowmobilers and has been the most trusted magazine in the region for three decades now. OSM is published approximately once in 2 months in both Canada and the USA. Some of its explorations include entertainments, events and destinations, sleds and gear. 

OSM writers highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the industry. It also features columnists include experienced writers like Levi Lavallee, Chris Burandt, Tucker Hibbert and Paul Thacker and many more re-known writers. OSM informs the snowmobilers on the latest racing reports, news, unique snowmobiles, breathtaking photos and the traditional sleds.


The Snowtrax TV series has grown to attract a good portion of snowmobilers in North America. On top of the episodes aired between December and April, snowtrax also provides thirty-minutes guidance to viewers weekly. This session helps to inform the viewers on the latest snowmobiles.

It also aims at making snowmobiling one of the best winter sports by telling snowmobilers about the latest accessories and the new destinations available to explore. Snowtrax works in collaboration with other leading broadcasters in Canada and the USA, e.g. OLN to increase their coverage. Snowtrax has a third of its over 60 million viewers based in North America. It boasts of its peculiar, well informed, and good entertainment and many believe it will be leading in the industry for decades.

American Snowmobiler

The American Snowmobiler magazine is usually published every month between October and March. The AmSnow contains amazing photography and real assessment of snowmobiles. We provide an all-round entertainment and all the upcoming news in the industry to keep you posted to the letter.

In addition to informing you about the latest sleds, every winter we go the extra mile of testing the sleds practically on the ground. We also identify beautiful destinations for you, the perfect gears for use in the designated locations and advice you on the appropriate trucks and trailers. We also educate our readers on the history of snowmobiling plus all the accessories that come with it.

Snotech Magazine

Snotech magazine is one of the oldest magazines in the print media. It has been in the market since 1968.

It features product reviews, all information relating to snowmobiling and is also known for testing products and services before they come to the snowmobilers.